Business & Technology Innovation

The digital economy is entering a new age where a need for business and technology innovation presents unprecedented challenges for all our clients and in particular CIOs. They have to carry on industrializing their activities to answer the need for improved economic performance and quality of services. At the same time, they are urged to unleash the transformation potential offered by digital innovation, thus becoming the digital leader within their organizations.

Ulf Larson,
Business & Technology Innovation
Capgemini Consulting.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Our role is to support organizations in their journey to enable and accelerate business and technology innovation. To achieve this, we help them design new offerings and services within a digital universe, where the next wave of IT can be found in areas such as social, mobile, analytics, cloud and Internet of Things. In order to manage the distinctly different rhythm of digital initiatives and traditional IT programs, we support our clients with strategies and delivery models for dual-speed IT. Furthermore, we support them in delivering the transformation of the related systems and operational models.


We have also developed deep expertise in the industrialization of IT operations: globalization and off shoring strategies, leverage of cloud computing, Cyber security, improvement of operational excellence through lean IT etc. Finally, we help CIOs to reinforce their interactions with other entities by reshaping strategic and financial governance of IT.





What we offer

  • Innovation through digital

    Support in achieving the digital shift.

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  • Industrialisation

    Combining economic efficiency and sustainable quality standards.

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