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Daniel Granlycke

Senior Consultant, Supply Chain Management
Education: M. Sc. In Industrial Economics, Royal Institute of Technology

Why did you apply for a summer internship at Capgemini Consulting?

One of the reasons for why I decided to study Industrial engineering and Business management was that I wanted to become a management consultant. The variety in terms of assignments, colleagues, clients, skills needed and location was very appealing.

I attended presentations from all major consulting firms during my studies and I was invited to attend a lunch with two consultants from Capgemini Consulting. I wanted to work for a consulting firm that supported its clients from strategy to implementation, that worked closely with clients. At the lunch I was very inspired by the projects I heard about as well as by the people I met.

What made you decide to stay with Capgemini Consulting after being offered a fulltime position?

During my Internship I was part of a team working for the CFO of a major manufacturing company who wanted to save costs in his organization. During the spring and summer, a team of four consultants had worked with managers from different functions in the CFO’s organization throughout Europe, with the aim of identifying opportunities for cost saving. During the last week of my internship we prepared the final report to be presented the week after at a steering group meeting. I remember that I did not want to leave the team on that last Friday – I wanted to stay and work with them to finalize the report and hopefully win the next phase to support the client with realizing the cost savings! But I had to go back to university, which was not nearly as exciting. The passion and the commitment I felt during those intense summer months had me hooked. I wanted to come back. I really appreciated the great colleagues and the culture at Capgemini Consulting and it felt like a very good match for me.

What is one of the most exciting projects that you worked on during your time at Capgemini Consulting so far?

I think it is the project I have just started on. I am working in the automotive industry with CRM and marketing and I am the project manager for a gap analysis focusing on comparing the centrally developed CRM concept with the existing local solution used in the US market. Based on this gap analysis we will deliver decision material and a recommendation to the management team to support them in making the decision whether they should implement the centrally developed concept or not. I will work with a global team in Sweden and the US.

What is your dream project?

My dream project is similar to my current project. I really enjoy working for companies producing and selling products which I am interested in. Cars are a great interest of mine and my dream project would probably be in this industry, working at one of my favorite brands with strategic questions in the core business functions; product development, manufacturing or marketing & sales to support the client in realizing their strategy and transforming their business.