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Get to know our previous interns and read about their internship experiences

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Filip Goldmann

Senior Consultant, Financial Services 
Education: M. Sc. in Business & Economics, Stockholm School of Economics

Why did you apply for a summer internship at Capgemini Consulting?

I joined Capgemini Consulting as an intern in summer 2009, one year before my graduation from the Stockholm School of Economics. Consulting was a profession I wanted to gain more experience from as it combines challenging assignments with the possibility to frequently work together with new people.

I decided to apply for the internship at Capgemini Consulting after an informal interview at a business forum, where I had a long one-to-one dialogue with a senior employee at Capgemini Consulting. He gave me a good impression of the company culture and the type of projects Capgemini Consulting works with and it matched my interests and what I looked for in an employer.

What is your advice for succeeding with the interviews?

The interviews I had were quite tough, but also a good way for getting to know the employees at Capgemini Consulting and hear their view of the life as a consultant. Do not be afraid of using your previous experiences when solving a case: be it from studies, previous work or travelling. My work experience from the restaurant business turned out to be very helpful.

Why did you decide to stay with Capgemini Consulting after being offered a fulltime position?

During my internship I got exposed to challenging projects, such as the establishment of a foreign organization in Sweden within a market I barely knew existed. It is because of these types of projects I still thrive in the consulting role. The learning curve is steep; I have learned a vast amount about very diverse subjects on every single project I have been a part of, and every team member has different knowledge to share. The continuous development together with the possibility to challenge myself in new contexts has helped me to grow and improve. Working at Capgemini Consulting, I have gotten to know our clients, their business models and their challenges well - something that is very important in order to be a good partner and to develop successful solutions.

The culture at Capgemini Consulting and the colleagues I work with are also main reasons for why I chose to start my career with the firm, and a reason for why I continue to enjoy working here.