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Liselotte Fors

Consultant, People & Performance
Education: M. Sc. in Business and Economics, Stockholm School of Economics

Why did you initially become interested in the management consulting profession?

During the first year of my studies I worked with the organization of company events and therefore attended many company presentations. I soon discovered management consulting as an interesting job option. The management consulting profession with its promise of great variation in the types of projects to work on appealed to me.

What is your advice for succeeding with the interviews?

Utilize applicable frameworks for assessing the problems you are faced with and structuring your answer. Think about if there are different ways of solving the case and when possible, conduct a sensitivity analysis of your solution. Be clear regarding your reasoning: after all, how you arrive at your solution is more important than the solution itself. In addition to the information given to you, ask relevant questions to obtain further information you may need to solve the case.

What made you decide to stay with Capgemini Consulting after being offered a fulltime position?

During my internship I was a part of two very diverse projects: a supply chain management project at a multi-national manufacturing firm and a HR-related project at a state-owned company. Both projects were interesting and taught me something new. Seeing as how Capgemini Consulting is involved in many different types of projects, this sparked my interest. I felt that the development curve at Capgemini Consulting would be steep, which was something that I sought for my first employment. Working collaboratively with the client is also something I found appealing.

What is your dream project?

In all projects you face new challenges, gain new insights and learn something new. However, I do look forward to sometime work with strategy regarding product development or marketing together with a larger consumer goods company.