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Sofia Hansen

Consultant, Marketing, Sales & Services
Education: M. Sc. in Industrial Economics, Royal Institute of Technology

Why did you initially become interested in the management consulting profession?

I first became interested in management consulting for the simple reason that it seemed like a genuinely fun and exciting profession. As an afterthought I can see many advantages of choosing management consulting as a first profession, such as the development of critical tools and experiences needed to successfully lead companies, diverse and always challenging assignments as well as exposure to many industries, companies and management teams, which from a development perspective is important. Working with such driven colleagues is also inspiring and leads you to set the bar high.

Why did you apply for an internship at Capgemini Consulting?

Ultimately I applied for Capgemini Consulting because the impression I received was that of a culture characterized by humility and friendliness, and where employees were engaged in exciting and challenging projects.

What made you decide to stay with Capgemini Consulting after being offered a fulltime position?

I decided to stay on with Capgemini Consulting because I found it to be an excellent place to develop my skills and characteristics that I wanted to build for my future career. The company offers exciting projects both within strategy and transformation, there is a high concentration of professional role models and great coaches, the company has an open and helpful culture, and as a new employee you receive a lot of responsibility early in your career if you do a good job.

What is your advice for succeeding in the interviews?

Be prepared and alert. In your answers, show a good balance between confidence and modesty, show that you can demonstrate a holistic perspective and know yourself, including your strengths and your development areas. Last but not least, have fun!