Your career path

Working at Capgemini Consulting will allow you to capitalize on your potential. We will facilitate you to develop your passions and grow professionally. At each step in your career you will face new challenges and cultivate new skills and competencies. The learning never ends!

Your own personal performance will be the driving force in your career. We will support your growth by providing ongoing training and mentoring, and giving you room to create your own professional projects.

Vice president

Our Vice Presidents are true business leaders, driving business and leading the Capgemini Consulting community. They are passionate about people and ideas, and they work to foster excellent relationships with and among the people they lead.


As a principal, you have a strong business impact and are part of the leadership of Capgemini Consulting. You shape a piece of our business, and you are a leader in your domain. You will also have created a business platform from which you generate business volume and/or value. Principals develop high-level business relations and high-impact projects, and they lead large teams.

Managing consultant

As a Managing Consultant, you start to excel in some of the competency dimensions. You are responsible for business volume through add-on sales and project delivery, and you act as a team leader or counsellor for other colleagues. You are known for your domain expertise, and you generate your own work and that of others.

Senior consultant

As a Senior Consultant, you develop a specialization within a specific expertise. You are capable of working independently and in a team. You are responsible for the completion of part of a project in which you lead a small team. You also become more client-oriented and begin to explore sales activities.


As a Consultant, you "learn the trade" within a specific domain of expertise, working and thinking on an academic level. You develop most skills and work in different roles on different projects in your domain.


An entry-level position, the Associate or Junior Consultant supports project teams and benefits from contact with clients. As an Associate Consultant or Junior Consultant, you start to build your skills and gain first experiences. (This position is not offered in Sweden and Finland)