Corporate Planning & Governance

Capgemini Consulting offers expertise within the domain of corporate governance ranging from planning to execution and governance process optimization.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

The increased digitalization in the business environment of today has a great impact on an organization´s corporate governance model. Due to the current dynamic and fast-paced environment, organizations need to ensure that their governance models are versatile, viable and synchronized with business strategy. The Capgemini Consulting team will work in close collaboration with you in order to ensure that your organization has all the customized mechanisms and processes in place to ensure an efficient and versatile corporate governance model.


What we offer:

We work with our clients to forge a direct link between business strategy and corporate governance through:

  • Optimization of corporate governance models (forums, policies and instructions, decision-making mechanisms, etc.)
  • Mapping and calibration of business landscapes and interfaces
  • Breakdown of business strategy to relevant components to enable improvement of governance and reporting