Customer Insight

Organizations face ever-increasing customer expectations - customers who expect the “product and/or service that’s right for me”. The challenge is to determine the most effective ways to treat and interact with individual customers. To do this requires a truly customer-centric view that can only be achieved with a well-informed and intelligent understanding of the customer, complemented with an operating model that turns insights into action.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Capgemini Consulting has a broad experience in supporting organizations across industries to better understand and leverage customer insights. We help clients to better collect, sort and interpret customer data in a world where the amount of information and data sources available are exploding. Our customer insight services include digital customer analytics, customer segmentation, social media analysis, customer acquisition, customer retention modelling, and customer insight operational model.

We understand what capabilities are need to make sure that results are put into action. We have assisted several clients in structuring their customer insights operations, securing that customer insights are evaluated and integrated into all customer related decisions, e.g. new product development, pricing, marketing approach, sales channel selection.

Track Record and Value Delivery

Capgemini’ Consulting’s customer insight solutions have helped many organizations in better understanding their customers and setting up a true customer centric organization. Among major clients, we:

  • Assisted a high-tech telecommunications company to interpret 77,000 interviews and ten billion data points to map six billion potential consumers into twelve segments of targeted customer experience. This fed directly into a cost-efficient plan to enhance customer experience.
  • Supported several Consumer Product companies in applying POS- and shopper data in category management process and analysis including product launches, assortment planning and campaign management
  • Supported a retail bank to improved its customer understanding by implementing a new customer segmentation based on neural network analysis (SOM) and several behaviour variables
  • Supported a leading Energy retailer to set up a new dedicated market Intelligence organization covering customer insight, competitor analysis and business environment analysis


Leading thinking


Market and Customer Insight Round Table

Capgemini Consulting gather individuals from leading Swedish and Finnish organizations on a frequent basis to share experience and knowledge on the topics such as: leveraging digital insights, improving customer analytics and customer segmentation capabilities, managing the customer insight operations and establishing and sustaining a customer centric organization.


Digital Shopper Relevancy Study

In a new report, titled “Digital Shopper Relevancy,” Capgemini surveyed 16,000 digital shoppers across 16 developing and mature markets about their use of different channels and devices for shopping. The study demonstrated that shoppers are not loyal to one channel but expect a seamless integration across online, social media, mobile and physical stores.


Social Insight into Action Report

The typical approach to social media is unsustainable. The use of social media is growing at a phenomenal rate. Any company that neglects this channel does so at its peril of the organizations that have embraced social media monitoring, most have so far focused either on generating weekly dashboards or on responding one-to-one to comments.

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