Whether your business aims to acquire new customers, increase customer loyalty or develop the effectiveness of its sales team, there is one aspect that cannot be overlooked; to understand your customers. Customer needs are changing with the pace of technological development and therefore it is important for companies to develop their businesses in order to meet future customer needs. If you understand your customers’ value, you can optimize marketing, sales and service efforts across the company, in various channels and in different regions. This in turn means that you optimize your customer experience to create value for your customers and your organization.


Leading Thinking Within Customer Experience

Capgemini Consulting performs global research in the field of Customer Experience.  Through analysis and mapping of the latest trends we can predict how markets, consumers and businesses will be affected by developments and market conditions and thus help to drive our point-of-view on how to answer to the trends by proactively developing your marketing, sales and service strategies. Benefit and follow the latest trends from our Customer Experience publications, blogs and videos.

What we offer

  • Customer Insight

    Capgemini Consulting offers solutions in the field of Customer Insight to help you better understand your customers and competitors while strengthening and clarifying your position in the market.

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  • Product Management

    Capgemini Consulting helps you to increase revenue and reduce costs by positioning products or services towards more profitable customer segments, maximizing revenue in the product life cycle or by balancing the product portfolio.

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  • Channel Management

    Capgemini Consulting helps you increase customer value and customer experience across various channels through a clear channel strategy, clarifying the different roles and interactions of channels, and ensuring internal efficiency through shared processes.

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  • Customer Strategy

    Capgemini Consulting has several services focusing on strengthening your customer contact and enabling a new level of customer relations.

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  • Sales

    Capgemini Consulting helps increase your sales and the efficiency of your sales organization. We also help adapt your sales processes to manage and respond to an increasingly complex and dynamic market.

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  • Marketing

    Capgemini Consulting helps you find new ways to communicate and collaborate with your customers through a personal dialogue, co-creation, future analysis and multi-dimensional segmentation.

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  • Customer Service

    Capgemini Consulting helps you develop sustainable customer service solutions to address the customers' ever-changing needs of different channels in a cost effective manner.

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