Digital Operating Model & Transformation Design

Designing an operating model and the best organizational structures for an enterprise is a multi-dimensional challenge. Capgemini Consulting’s organization design services transform complex enterprise ecosystems into flexible, agile and digital organizations that can rapidly respond to external developments and achieve strategic objectives

Benny Karlsson,
Digital Operating Model & Transformation
Capgemini Consulting.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Over the past several decades Capgemini Consulting has successfully been working alongside top management for leading brands in evaluating how the operating model should be adapted as a response to changes in strategy and business models or failure to reach strategic objectives. Through a top-down approach, starting with your business vision and strategy, we will jointly investigate needed changes to the operating model. The result of this first strategic assessment and design phase is a clear target picture(s) and a comprehensive plan for how to get there.


In our joint research with MIT, we have identified three key trends creating a need to adapt the operating model:


  • Shift to customer centricity. In the modern marketplace customers have more choice and a much bigger, more immediate voice than ever before. Customer-centric organizations are built around deep customer understanding. Digital technology changes how organizations interact with customers and how they design their customer journeys.
  • Shift to data driven decision making. The amount of readily available data has exploded and offers significant opportunities to organizations. This is not just about holding ‘big data’ but being able to utilize it rapidly. To realize the true value of this data, an organization must be able to both apply high quality analysis and ensure fast communication of that analysis to the appropriate sources.
  • Shift to pace, iteration and agility. With new digital technologies disrupting the market, organizations need to innovate more quickly, be flexible and able to change the way they operate rapidly. Agile techniques allow organizations to design something quickly and refine it incrementally.



Once delivered, a successful operating model sets the framework against which detailed design is undertaken. Furthermore, efficient and effective transformation design secures a cohesive transformation journey from operating model design, through detailed design to benefit realization. 



What we offer:

Capgemini Consulting offers expertise and proven methodologies to assess and set up a new direction for how to operate as well as how to get there for a management area or a company as a whole. Being one of the biggest management consulting firms in the world enable us to offer a team able to combine  deep operating model expertise with leading industry and functional know how. Capgemini Consulting is seen as one of the leaders within digital transformation and has a unique collaborative approach.