Digital Transformation & Organizational Performance

Digitization enables new routes to market and faster development of products and services, ultimately transforming the customer experience, operational processes and business models. Capgemini Consulting have the expertise to transform complex enterprise ecosystems into flexible and agile organizations that can rapidly respond to external developments and achieve strategic objectives. Our capability unit Digital Transformation & Organizational Performance advice and support leading brands in how to transform survive and thrive in the age of digital disruptions. 

Mats Hovmöller,
Digital Transformation & Organizational

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

To Capgemini Consulting, Digital Transformation is about utilizing digital technology to radically improve the performance and reach of an organization and its business. As the global leader in digital transformation, Capgemini Consulting understands the DNA of Digital Masters and is the strategic partner advising corporate and government leaders on how to navigate the Digital Transformation.

We provide tailored Transformation Design and Delivery Capability, built around the core transformation elements; Digital Operating Model & Transformation Design, People & Organization Transformation and Governance & Performance Management.

  • Digital Operating Model & Transformation Design

    The operating model answers how a company constructs and aligns a certain scope of capabilities and assets to deliver the intended value. Operating model design is a multi-dimensional challenge that encompasses structure, people and culture, processes, governance and performance, and digital skills and digital infrastructures. An effective organization is one in which these elements interact seamlessly in support of the overall strategy

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  • People and Organization Transformation 

    As the global leader in digital transformation, Capgemini Consulting help leading brands to design and drive successful transformation programs to improve their performance and competiveness. By integrating the organization and people perspective in the transformation, Capgemini Consulting accelerates the transformation journey, build lasting capabilities and ensures sustainable effects over time.

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  • Governance & Performance Management 

    Capgemini Consulting has been at a forefront of governance and enterprise performance management for several decades. Through the combination of a unique collaborative approach and a relentless focus on thought leadership Capgemini Consulting has supported clients in opportunities and challenges related to all aspects of corporate governance and performance management.

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