Digital Transformation Review n°4


 Accelerating Digital Transformation 

Organizations across sectors are realizing the transformative power of digital. However, while there is increased appreciation of digital’s role, many organizations are struggling to take their transformation initiatives to the next level. They are caught struggling for pace, and risk falling in the chasm between initiation and termination of transformation initiatives. In this fourth Digital Transformation Review, we aim to help business leaders understand how to accelerate their efforts at transforming digitally.

We open the Review with insurance giant Allianz, which is investing aggressively in digital initiatives in a sector not known for being digitally-savvy. We interview Joe Gross, Head of Group Market Management at Allianz, who shares his views on why organizations should make digital part of their DNA. To make digital part of the lifeblood of the organization not only requires strong vision and investment, it also requires accelerated deployment across the business. In this Review we look at three primary mechanisms for accelerating this needed adoption and deployment. The first approach is acceleration through better governance. Organizations can create governance structures that inherently allow for replication of best practices and elimination of capability redundancies. Leading UAE-based telecom player Etisalat recently launched such a dedicated Digital Services Unit. We interview Khalifa Al Shamsi, Chief Digital Services Officer at Etisalat, who expands on how a Digital Services Unit is helping Etisalat accelerate its digital transformation...