Enterprise Performance Management

Capgemini Consulting´s enterprise performance management offering helps clients to identify critical areas to address in order achieve maximum value creation and boost performance throughout the organization. 

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

In the current economic climate, it is more important than ever for businesses to have comprehensive and profound insight into their performance so they may identify their most profitable and least profitable functions. From planning and budgeting to monitoring results and forecasting, senior management must have timely and accurate information in order to make effective decisions. 

Capgemini Consulting works closely with you to implement the frameworks you need to steer your business towards greater efficiency and better performance.


What we offer:

We work with our clients to forge a direct link between business strategy and operational planning, budgeting and reporting.


Our approach covers 3 areas:


  • Effective Strategic Planning - “Planning to meet the changing market”
  • Effective Business Planning - “Agree a single view of future actions”
  • Integrated Funding Process – ”Allocate resources throughout business cycle”


  • Robust  KPIs / Reporting – ”Know where you are”
  • Integrated Profitability Management - “Know what levers you can pull”
  • Agile Scenario and Information Analytics - “Know your options”


  • Cascaded Objectives - “Drive the right behaviors”
  • Management Process - “Put the mechanisms in place for effective action”
  • Business Partner Skills - “Engage and coach the business”