Experienced hires

Tackle leading-edge projects that focus on what really matters to our clients. Collaborate with people who have strong intellects, focused ideas and clear opinions. Experience freedom in how you develop as a consultant. All in a culture that values what’s made you who you are.

Join us, enrich your career

Building momentum in your career

Working at Capgemini Consulting will allow you to capitalize on your potential. We will provide you with the best conditions in which to develop your passions and grow professionally. At each step in your career you will face new challenges and cultivate new skills and competencies. The learning never ends! We have our own corporate university outside Paris, which offers professional training programs at different levels throughout your career. 


Why join us? What makes Capgemini Consulting unique?

As a management consultant you will be part of a successful team advising industry leaders and creating momentum for organizational shifts in major digital transformation programs. You will work from innovative strategy to execution. With capgemini Consulting as a leader in digital transformation, you will part of a team helping organizations transform to the power of digital. We offer attractive opportunities for growth across our global organization, in a unique collaborative culture. 


Shape our business

As a consultant at Capgemini Consulting, you will be an integral part in our ambitious gowth agenda, where you will receive great support to follow through with your own ideas and initatives to help us grow. Our consultants are the ones that shape our business.


Shape your carreer

You’ll be free to make your role and your career what you want it to be. Proactivity and ambition flourish at Capgemini Consulting. There are countless opportunities available to propel your development forward: seek out those that suit you, and we will back you all the way.


Great place to work

In summary, we believe the following make this a great place to work:

  • Aim for nothing less than leading edge: We thrive on the knowledge that the digital work we do has real impact
  • Show how single minds make for better teams: Work alongside fierce intellects who love to collaborate
  • Be comfortable outside your comfort zone: Self-stretchers thrive in our environment
  • Build momentum in your career: Make your role and your career what you want it to be
  • Stay true to who you are: Play to your strengths and bring your individuality
  • Give your curiosity freedom and focus: A place where inquisitiveness and entrepreneurial thinking are encouraged


Domestic and international opportunities

We are a growing, global company with diverse career opportunities. A position with Capgemini Consulting Sweden - Finland boosts your career, as you benefit from local and global training, daily mentoring and the expertise of 4,000 passionate consultants worldwide. You will be able to work with our international clients across multiple geographies and seek out new international opotunities within the Capgemini Group.



Counselling is an integral part of our culture at Capgemini Consulting. It aims at providing support to you from experienced professionals to help you develop and build your professional career.


During your career at Capgemini Consulting you will have a dedicated counselor. The counselor accompanies you throughout your career, advising on choices of significant impact, such as training selection, specialization within an area of expertise, project management, etc. The counselor also represents you at performance reviews. As you progress in your career, you will have the opportunity to become a counselor yourself.


What are we looking for

Capgemini Consulting is growing rapidly in Sweden and Finland and we are recruiting talented and experienced professionals to join us in 2017. If you bring high motivation, strong capabilities and relevant experience to our sectors and competence areas, we are interested in connecting with you.


We are looking for professionals with 2+ years of experience to join our successful team.