At Capgemini Consulting, our mission is to transform your digital landscape. Our experts focus on areas impacted by changes in the digital economy, including strategy, marketing, supply chain management, people, finance and technology. We bring expertise in all major industries, from financial services to manufacturing, telecoms and retailing, advising clients in both the public and the private sectors. Drawing on our expertise in digital advances, information insight and business transformation, we design and deliver winning strategies that significantly improve the performance of our clients.

Our Expertise

Capgemini Consulting offers functional expertise and industry knowledge with a global reach. Our goal is to help our clients grow and create value. Because one size does not fit all, our consultants have developed skills and expertise specific to your sector, so that we can stay relevant to your needs and understand your business issues.


Value Delivery

We believe that in every transformation, speed is critical. In all our missions, our functional expertise and industry knowledge are enriched by acceleration capabilities that enable our clients to combine optimal performance with high speed.



Acceleration Capabilities