Nicholas Kitson

Nicholas Kitson
Business Process Management

I am an expert in Business Process Management (BPM), helping organizations to achieve competitive advantage and best-in-class performance through process improvements, including innovative technology for BPM and business rules.

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My experience

  • Head of BPM and ECM for Financial Services
    @ Capgemini
    In October 2010
  • Business Process Management Consultant
    @ Capgemini
    From April 2000 to October 2010
    I established a new practice for Business process management. This discipline allows organizations to address problems with compliance, regulations or complex and inefficient business processes. These organizations may not have been helped by large ERP implementations or were aware of them. Business process management is a methodology to automate, and continually improve business processes using leading edge technology while also preserving your investment in core systems. Capgemini are world leaders in this area and have pioneering credentials which have won accolades from industry leaders including the Workflow Management Coalition and the Business Process Management Group. During my time, I was a senior CRM Consultant as both an independent Consultant and with Capgemini. I managed and lead teams on a number of CRM engagements for large organizations in UK and across Europe.

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