Performance Management & Analytics

In the current economic climate, it is more important than ever for businesses to have comprehensive and profound insight into their performance so they may identify their most profitable and least profitable functions.

From planning and budgeting to monitoring results and forecasting, senior management must have timely and accurate information in order to make effective decisions. Our Performance Management & Analytics offering helps you identify the key areas to address in order to achieve maximum value. We then work with you to implement the frameworks you need to steer your business toward greater efficiency and better performance.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

We work with our clients to forge a direct link between business strategy and operational planning, budgeting and reporting. Our approach covers 3 areas:


  • Effective Strategic Planning - “Planning to meet the changing market”
  • Effective Business Planning - “Agree a single view of future actions”
  • Integrated Funding Process – ”Allocate resources throughout business cycle”
  • Robust  KPIs / Reporting – ”Know where you are”
  • Integrated Profitability Management - “Know what levers you can pull”
  • Agile Scenario and Information Analytics - “Know your options”
  • Cascaded Objectives - “Drive the right behaviours”
  • Management Process - “Put the mechanisms in place for effective action”
  • Business Partner Skills - “Engage and coach the business”

Track Record and Value Delivery

Capgemini Consulting’s long history of successful project delivery to top companies in a wide range of industries allows us to deploy tools from our consulting operations and build on insights from our technology-focused services. Clients also benefit from our established relationships with leading technology vendors such a SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and IBM.

A leading provider of consulting, technology and outsourcing services, we draw on over 40 years of industry experience. Our network of technology partners and our collaborative methods and tools help our clients achieve better, faster and more sustainable results.

Analyses and Recommendations for CFOs for a More Effective Corporate Planning

While product life cycles are getting shorter, the frequency of economic cycles grows and their intensity increases. How can corporate planning be aligned with the rapid development of an increasingly complex and intertwined world economy? Which planning model is best suited to respond quickly and flexibly to external factors?

The second Forward Visibility Study provides answers to these questions by exploring which planning types are used by successful and organisations. The study extends on the results of the first Forward Visibility Study and identifies changed parameters and new trends. By extending the sample, we have been able to enhance the results with industry-related and country-specific findings.

The survey shows how companies and organisations can plan in an effective (with control-relevant planning results) and efficient (with a reduced time and resources) fashion, thus improving their capability to face changes in their business environment. In this context, “intelligent planning” seems to generate a significant efficiency edge which, however, is exploited only by a minority of the participants in the survey. In addition, many companies still utilize a considerably insufficient amount of capacities for liquidity and cash-flow planning. In spite of the experience gathered during the years of crisis, they still fail to realise that such plans are necessary for companies to survive in the long run.