Financial Strategy

CFOs and financial organisations are faced with the challenge of delivering increased value from their services while optimizing costs in an increasingly complex business world.

Capgemini Consulting takes a comprehensive look at economic indicators and envisions solutions and strategies to ensure our clients a healthy financial future. Finance Vision 2020 is our joint consulting and client initiative that reviews key environmental, security, demographic and competitive challenges facing businesses today. We help businesses re-focus their finance functions on value creation and measurement.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Offering decades of finance and accounting expertise, we partner with you on all stages of the development and execution of your financial transformation to produce a “best fit” operating model that aligns with your business strategic objectives.

Capgemini Consulting's comprehensive solutions address the following areas:

  • What stakeholders should be targeted?
  • What is the full portfolio of services?
  • What should be the value contribution to the company?
  • How can the value contribution be delivered in an efficient and effective way?
  • What are the key success factors of running the new CFO target position?

Track Record and Value Delivery

Working closely with CFOs and their staff, we develop sustainable solutions for a holistic change in the finance organisation to ensure long-term profitability. Capgemini Consulting has extensive experience and a strong track record helping CFOs identify, design and build strategies that align with business operational goals. We have partnered with clients from a wide array of sectors in all stages of the finance strategy cycle.