In recent years, traditional insurers have been under attack from a variety of forces: powerful new distribution channels, new competition from non-traditional sources, deregulation, compliance pressures and customer empowerment. Capgemini Consulting assists clients in adapting to these changes, transforming their business to market leading practices.

Today’s consumers are technology-savvy, with increasing access to instant, up-to-date information about not only your product offering, but also your claim processes and the quality of your customer service teams. These consumers want a purchasing experience that is both convenient and easy – the transition to online as a mainstream sales and servicing channel is inevitable. In a world where business performance is increasingly driven by customer satisfaction and loyalty, there is a pressing need for insurers to transform their digital capabilities.

These marketplace dynamics are ushering in new opportunities, but they demand a well-defined and proactive business response.

Our expertise

Capgemini has been collaborating with leading insurance companies around the world for more than 20 years.

A current area of focus is the meaning of digital transformation for the insurance industry. With an increasingly complex regulatory environment and the fastest-changing consumer ever, digital transformation is not only a way to improve customer experience and introduce new products: it can also revolutionise internal performance and enable new business models. Capgemini Consulting is working with the insurance industry to see how it can apply digital technologies to best advantage.

Our track record

Serving 11 of the world’s 15 largest insurers, Capgemini has taken the lead in transforming traditional players into innovative, customer-centric insurers of the future. Our Swedish/Finnish insurance practice draws on this experience, and its own digital insurance thought leadership, to help some of the Nordics biggest insurers with their digital transformation.

Leading Thinking

World Insurance Report

We deliver thought leadership in the Insurance area by our annual World Insurance Report, covering trends and the latest development within Insurance.

Featuring data from over 15,000 customers worldwide and 180 insurance executive interviews, the World Insurance Report 2016 from Capgemini and Efma reveals that Gen Y customers, with their high digital expectations have held the overall customer experience down. The report also cover how emerging technology themes, enabled by the Internet of Things, are slowly transforming customer lives and allowing insurers to measure and control risks.