Forward Visibility(1st Edition)

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What can companies do to improve their corporate planning? Why does planning still take excessive amounts of time and what are the reasons for the often dissatisfactory forecast accuracy?
The study at hand will provide precise answers to these and many other questions. It is based on a survey among more than 100 companies and leads to concrete recommendations. The study has a special focus on the complexity, type, and duration of corporate planning in companies, analyses internal as well as external influencing factors, and finds the confirmation for three key hypotheses.
Complaints about the lack of efficiency and effectiveness are no surprise where endless co-ordination rounds decelerate the approval of budgets or strategic plans, and unnecessary details pad out the planning effort. However, all these cases can be solved, by involving so-called drivers, for example, or by applying planning models, better aligning different types of planning, and by using analysis tools.

The study shows how exemplary companies plan in an efficient and effective fashion. Such companies focus less on retrospective and reaction and more on proactive operation to positively influence the future business development. What this can look like specifically will be demonstrated extensively in the course of this study.

Forward Visibility Study
(1st Edition)
Analyses and Recommendations for a More Effective Corporate Planning