HR Operational Excellence

HR Operational Excellence is based on the creation of supportive and productive human resource management processes. Working closely with you as a customer, we ensure that your HR function delivers the highest possible value to the business at a minimum cost.

The Capgemini Consulting HR Benchmark Network was founded in 2007 by request of multiple clients. The benchmark network includes the annual HR Benchmark study, which involves five processes and nearly 300 data collection points. 
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Our expertise and experience in HR process improvement

We conduct continuous process improvement projects for our customers and are actively working with HR benchmark, system selections that enables a higher level of service and the management of external costs and investments. For example, we implemented:

  • Development of action plan for the development of HR processes in order to find the right balance between output, price and quality
  • Development of a service catalogue for HR and role descriptions for employees within HR
  • A comprehensive benchmarking study running for six years with five focus process, 300 data collection points and a total of ove 30 unique participating organizations since its inception
  • Benchmark of administrative HR processes as the basis for continuous monitoring and to identify challenges and opportunities for improvement within the HR organization

Analysis and development of HR processes is a key success factor in achieving sustainable competitive advantage

The projects we have undertaken together with organizations and companies within process optimization and benchmarking have, among other things, resulted in:

  • Clear basis for monitoring of HR and change initiatives
  • Increased productivity and cost effectiveness of HR as a result of more efficient processes
  • Improved dialogue between HR and the business as a result of clearer processes
  • Common work approaches as a result of consensus among the staff regarding the organization’s processes, interfaces and roles
  • Increased understanding and knowledge of HR processes among employees in the core operations

We work with well-developed methods for process improvement

We are working on HR process optimization in a structured way in several phases.

  • We perform screenings of relevant processes and carry out as-is analyses
  • We identify areas for improvement and challenges
  • We deliver a future desired position with the help of benchmark
  • We create action plans for improvement initiatives

To hear more about our experience within HR process improvement or our HR Benchmark Network, please contact Åsa Vajlok, responsible for the services HR Operational Excellence, phone 08 5368 4169 or