HR Transformation

HR transformations and organizational restructuring in order to better meet business needs are projects that Capgemini Consulting has long experience from and deep expertise within. We have implemented HR Shared Service Center transformations on several continents and have helped organizations to:

  • Optimize the HR delivery model in order to clarify roles, processes and responsibilities and create a common understanding of HR and its service offering
  • Enhance the efficiency of HR processes and improve support to the business through the consolidation of HR into a Shared Service Center
  • Develop detailed methodology and strategy for HR transformations in order to streamline the design and implementation of HR Shared Service Center
  • Create acceptance, understanding and confidence among employees in the changed processes that an HR transformation often results in

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

We use a structured approach and a methodology that helps your organization to redefine your work and add value to the business. Among other projects, we work with:

HR operating model and design: We work with your organization to determine which is the most appropriate delivery model for the implementation of your HR strategy by analyzing your organization and its productivity and challenges. We look at the relationship between the business and HR and develop an optimal operating model based on organizational needs and goals.

Governance, roles and responsibilities: We help you in designing an HR organization with the goal of realizing your HR strategy and enhance the overall business performance. We develop service catalogues, role descriptions and work with a global perspective, taking into account the customer interface during the design phase.

Processes and IT Support: We help you to assemble data that will convince the stakeholders in the sense that it highlights the benefits of change. We develop a business case and implementation plan for the transformation and work with quality assurance and harmonization of processes and IT support. Experience and comparative data from Capgemini Consulting’s HR Benchmark Program is also an important valuable factor for our clients.

Change Management: HR transformations almost always result in a changed process approach for employees within HR. We support your organization in developing an understanding of, and confidence in, this change through close cooperation and a clear structure for managing change that is based on research and personal experience over the years.

Track Record and Value Delivery

Capgemini Consulting is the leader in the creation and optimization of Shared Service Centers (SSC) for HR services and has extensive experience of HR transformations. It includes both the development of the operating model and change management in the changed approach that the transformation brings along. An organization can enjoy several advantages with a well-developed HR delivery model:

  • A clearer range of services and better support to the business
  • Increased productivity within HR as a result of clear responsibilities and specialization
  • A common view of HR and its delivery
  • An equal level of service to the business
  • Greater transparency and improved governance through established service levels and service offerings