The Strategic Insights Lab represents Capgemini Consulting’s commitment to translate complex issues into attractive value propositions. Our global experts challenge existing models and their impact, and provide fresh points of view capable of transforming your business.

Challenging the Status Quo

Capgemini Consulting’s lab members come from diverse backgrounds and offer years of experience contributing to strategic agendas within a variety of organizations.

Our experts are fuelled by a common desire to challenge and test new ideas. We have years of experience addressing industry challenges and capitalizing on new opportunities.

We encourage decision makers and industry leaders to join our review forum and help co-create solutions for mutual benefit. Together, we explore innovative approaches to resolving business challenges.

A Global Network Of Experts

Capgemini Consulting’s Strategic Insights Lab (SIL) is a global network of domain experts conducting in-depth strategic research and analysis to stimulate new ideas that drive innovation for our clients.

Our SIL creates unique learning opportunities by identifying and benchmarking leading practices across the globe and by innovating. We bring these ideas to the forefront through our publications and the Points of View we release at regular intervals.

The SIL also works with leading academic institutions to bring cutting-edge academic work and research to large-scale business audiences.

Growth, Improvement and Innovation

The Strategic Insights Lab also works with clients to offer solutions based on market insights. Our clients often approach the team with issues related to growth, process improvement or decision support.

We offer solutions including:

  • Evaluating product portfolios
  • Recommending market attractiveness
  • Benchmarks and follow up of our industries KPI
  • Business cases

Our team employs benchmarking experts who continuously track the industry’s Key Performance Indicators and conduct financial and process benchmarking. These benchmarks, backed by extensive industry research, are used to recommend transformations or process improvements for clients.