Learn more about our recruitment process

Both experienced professionals and graduates getting started with your career, we look forward to learn more about you! We want to provide transparency into our recruitment – from submitting your application through the whole interview process.

Our recirtrmenrt process

Recruitment process for graduates in Sweden

In the recruitment process, after reviewing all applications, a number of applicants will be invited for a full day assessment center at a Capgemini Consulting office. The applicants will undergo a number of both personal interviews and case-solving exercises together with our experienced consultants and recruiters. This gives the opportunity to become acquainted with the type of challenges a consultant often encounters in the daily work.


Our Graduate Recruitment Process consists of three interviews and one case presentation



Recruitment process for graduates in Finland

After completing the online application, you are invited to a first interview. Passing the first interview will give you an opportunity for a second interview, including solving and presentation of a longer case. This gives us the ability to test your problem solving skills as well as your presentation skills. If you succeed with the second interview and the case presentation, you will be invited for a final interview with a practice lead.



Recruitment process for experienced hires

If you are an experienced candidate with relevant work experience, the recruitment process usually consists of three interviews, but it is adjusted based on your level of experience. Sometimes cases/aptitude tests are conducted as a complement to assess your analytical skills. For experienced candidates, we also always contact at least two references. The process is similar in Sweden and Finland.


What will help you succeed in the interviews?

Interviews and case presentation can be of high pressure. Below some advice that will help you succeed in the interviews.

Do treat the assessment as a two-way process: it's as much about you finding out about us as us about you