Customer Strategy

In an increasingly competitive and polarized marketplace, companies must develop a customer-centric approach to stay ahead. The growing sophistication and empowerment of customers, accompanied by the proliferation of new channels and technologies, is forcing organizations to rethink the way they connect and build relationships with customers.


Now more than ever, it is essential to understand who your customers are, what drives them and how to stand out from your competitors by responding to their wants and needs. Capgemini Consulting has developed a number of core services that focus on providing this type of intelligence, enabling organizations to reach a new level of customer intimacy.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

For over a decade, we have helped leading global companies across industries improve both their customer experience and their bottom line. We help clients to formulate differentiated customer strategies that help create and sustain competitive advantage and to identify and implement customer experience innovations that drive customer advocacy and reduce cost to serve.

(Digital) Customer experience is the embodiment of your organization, resulting from each and every interaction your customers have, using all possible digital and non digital channels, measuring each intuitively against customers’ expectations at the key moments of truth. Customer experience means understanding your customers and creating consistent experience along all (digital) channels. It is an opportunity for top line growth.

Track Record and Value Delivery

Capgemini Consulting has helped numerous companies transform their business through enhanced customer strategies, e.g.:

  • Differentiated the customer experience and developed new market positioning to help a distribution company become the first choice provider for its customer base
  • Developed a transformation roadmap for a bank to help it deliver exceptional customer experience. The project generated over $1billion of new revenue in the first year.
  • Achieved a strong customer centric-culture with a clear market positioning and a customer experience roadmap for a global telecom company
  • Defined customer journeys for a government agency to enable a truly customer-centric approach to the online experience