Product Management

Businesses face new challenges as product lifecycles get shorter and customers become more demanding. Effective product management is a key component in meeting these challenges - by reducing product lifecycle cost while at the same time maximizing revenues.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Capgemini Consulting has a vast experience of transforming and improving product management operations in several sectors, decreasing costs and increasing revenues.

Our approach builds on leading practice frameworks, covering all key product management capabilities, from product strategy, through new product development, to product lifecycle management and product phase-out. We understand the key connection between business strategy and product development, ensuring development of customer relevant products and services, as well as a strong and efficient collaboration between product development, marketing and sales.

Capgemini Consulting understands the strength of, and possibilities brought by today´s new collaborative digital tools in product development. Interacting with your key customers through co-creation is one way of further improving the cost effectiveness of your development process, while at the same time ensuring maximum customer relevance.

In essence, we focus on time-to-volume in product development, and understand that successfully delivering a new product to the market is the result of a well functioning chain, from product innovation to launch and beyond.

Track Record and Value Delivery

Our product management experience encompasses most industry sectors. In some examples of success, we:

  • Accelerated product launch for a global life sciences company, from nine to three months, through alignment of marketing & sales plans and creation of cross-functional teams that improved relationships with customers and partners
  • Developed and implemented the product management strategy, processes, organization, KPI's and IT tools for a leading bank
  • Implemented a new cross-functional product planning processes, including the refinement of market intelligence, for a global manufacturer of mobile phones
  • Fundamentally re-designed the product offer and price structure for a leading energy company

Leading thinking

Innovation and Product Development Round Table

Capgemini Consulting hosts an industry forum where leading professionals within innovation and product development regularly meet. Capgemini Consulting facilitates the sessions, which focus on sharing of leading practices and experiences between the participants. The round table has representatives from a wide range of industries, e.g. automotive, manufacturing, consumer products, finance and professional IT services.

Service Management Round Table

Our round table on Service Management hosts participants from several of Sweden’s leading manufacturing companies. We focus on building key capabilities in development within service management. Participants share experiences and Capgemini Consulting shares leading practices from our own projects and external examples.

Innovation Leadership Study 2012

Capgemini Consulting’s global innovation study, explaining what separates the leaders from the laggards. A well articulated innovation strategy, built with the support of bottom-up input, a strong innovation governance, executive commitment as well as an agile corporate innovation culture are all key dimensions of innovation leaders in the market.

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