Capgemini Consulting has been helping organizations improve sales performance for over 35 years. In that time we have seen clients face every kind of challenge, and believe that the ones we see today are the toughest.


Today’s challenges include:

  • Growing sales with diminishing resources
  • Integrating sales activities with marketing
  • Meeting service and delivery expectations
  • Managing the complexity of working across many channels, including the influx of digital and mobile channels

We help improve both the effectiveness and the efficiency of sales operations, whether that requires a full sales strategy review or spot operational improvements.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

We take a holistic approach to helping you maximize the return on your sales investments. We work with you to demonstrate which levers can be pulled to increase revenues and customer satisfaction while reducing operational costs.

We help our clients by:

  • Adapting sales processes to market changes
  • Providing a deeper understanding of customers’ buying processes
  • Measuring the effectiveness of sales performance
  • Growing revenue while reducing the costs of sales
  • Setting up and integrating new sales channels, including social media
  • Invigorating third party channel partners
  • Optimizing how key accounts are managed and serviced
  • Transitioning the sales force to solution-based or value-based selling
  • Implementing new Customer Relationship Management solutions
  • Updating and improving existing sales tools

Leading Thinking

Round Tables

B2C eCommerce Round Table

The B2C eCommerce Round Table is a forum for leading Swedish companies mainly from the Consumer and Retail Product sector to gather and share experiences. It focuses on the opportunities and threats of the direct eCommerce channel, and how a successful eCommerce strategy can complement traditional channels:

  • Key success factors to a successful eCommerce and channel management
  • How to increase sales online
  • How to succeed with m-mobile
  • How to adapt your organization to a digital economy
  • What digital strategies to adapt in retail
  • How eCommerce can be a strategic complement to your current portfolio


B2B eCommerce Round Table

Our round table on B2B eCommerce hosts participants from several of Sweden’s leading manufacturing companies. We focus primarily on the challenges experienced in the B2B domain with setting a B2B eCommerce strategy such as:

  • How to attract customers to the eCommerce channel
  • How to handle channel conflicts incl. pricing of the products in the eCommerce channel
  • How to work with channel management in an effective way
  • How to manage transparency in content management and the increased demand from customers on transparency
  • How to ensure an efficient operative model in a digital world
  • How to go from B2B to B2B2B
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