Open Data Maturity in Europe 2015

| Point of View

To offer tailored support to European countries to improve their Open Data activities, the status of the EU28 and European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries –referred to as EU28+ – is assessed.

To measure Open Data Maturity two key indicators have been selected. These indicators cover both the maturity of national policies promoting Open Data as well as an assessment of the features made available on national data portals. The EU28+ countries completed close to 45% of the Open Data journey, with 87% of the countries having a national Open Data portal in place.

Almost two-thirds of the EU28+ countries have integrated a dedicated Open Data policy. However, Portal Maturity scored 40.8%. Looking at the spread of the overall scores, three different maturity levels are identified: Beginners, Followers and Trend Setters.

Finally, a series of recommendations have been formulated to guide countries in achieving higher Open Data maturity. In addition to an Open Data strategy, countries need to extend the functionalities on their portals, raise awareness around Open Data, offer further training and national guidelines to support local initiatives. Finally, measuring the success of an Open Data initiative can help identify benefits more clearly, as well as further room for improvement.


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