Organization Effectiveness

Capgemini Consulting is a trusted advisor in organization design and organization effectiveness. Over the past several decades, we have helped businesses translate their corporate strategy and operating models into effective organization designs. Working alongside top management, we help leading brands to develop a detailed organisational designs and roadmaps to support the  business strategy and achieving business objectives.

Organization design and effectiveness is analysed and designed based on maturity assessments, KPIs and functional and industry benchmarks showing how well the enterprise manages relationships and roles to realize the greatest value and operational excellence.

Organisational design is a multi-dimensional challenge that encompasses structure, people and culture, processes, governance and performance, and IT systems. An effective and digital organization is one in which these elements interact seamlessly in support of the overall strategy. Capgemini Consulting’s organization design services transform complex enterprise ecosystems into flexible and agile digital organizations that can rapidly respond to external developments and achieve strategic objectives.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Capgemini Consulting has deep experience in driving organization effectiveness through a collaborative approach that includes:

  • Micro organizational assessment and design
  • Business Landscape Analysis and design
  • Benchmarks by function and industry
  • Business Process assessment and design
  • Workforce Optimization