Our people and culture

Our culture is made by the people who work here, not the other way round. We believe in the value of individuality and diversity. Bring your own personality and ambitions with you – it’s what we’ll be expecting. That’s not to say there’s no common ground. In every team you will find passionate opinions, fierce intellects and open minds.

What makes Capgemini Consulting different

We believe that single minds make for better teams
When you think of it, who really wants to work where everyone is 'like-minded'? Our minds may be wired in a similar way, but everyone here is very much their own person. Intelligent. Open-minded. Genuinely great to work with. What you'll share with your colleagues is a passion for collaborating, an interest in digital and a rare sharpness to the way you think.


Your curiosity will have freedom – but also focus


Entrepreneurial thinking and risk-taking are ways of life here: you won't have to wait to be told what to do. Equally, we don't just explore ideas for the sake of it. We listen to our clients and work together, so we're always focused on discovering and delivering what really matters to them.




You can stay true to who you are


Having a strong moral compass is important to us. We act ethically – and we always aim to do the right thing by our people and our clients. We don't aim to develop clones, nor do we look to tone down your personality or alter your ambitions. If you have courage in your convictions, so do we.



Finding the right balance 

Commitment, drive and ambition go hand-in-hand with a successful career with Capgemini Consulting. But that doesn't mean that you can't have a fulfilling and rewarding personal life.

It's all about balance. Easy to say, a real challenge to get right.




Different roles, clients, locations, family demands and personal interests mean that we need flexible and innovative solutions. Capgemini will work hard to support you. But only you know what will work for you.

We have a supportive framework that gives people greater influence in how they do their roles. We also offer a range of benefits such as holiday trading allowing you to take additional holiday, unpaid leave, sabbatical arrangements, time off for voluntary work as well as the ability to work from home on occasions. All subject to business and client demands of course.


Our people - Everybody has a story to tell

  • Mats Hovmöller

    Vice President

    "I wanted to work for a consulting firm that supported its clients from strategy to implementation, that worked closely with clients."




  • Adgild Hop

    Laura Leinikka


    "Every day offers new possibilities to learn and develop, and also to challenge myself."






  • Claire Melbourne

    Tobias Larsson


    "Capgemini Consulting has a great mix of fun colleagues, interesting projects and challenging customers.”

  • Filip Manfredsson

    Managing Consultant

    "The rollercoaster between facing and solving difficult problems is what gets me energized."



  • Catja Nilsson

    Senior Consultant

    "Working here is ever changing, and some of the things I value the most are the open mindset and the creativity it calls for.”




  • Adgild Hop

    Karla Kaaronen

    Senior Consultant

    "Our work is all about collaboration and team efforts, using everyone’s personal strengths to reach the best results.”






  • Claire Melbourne

    Alexandra Säterberg


    “Having the opportunity to interact with clients in projects from the start is something I really appreciate…”

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