Our work

Have an impact on projects that are right at the top of your clients’ agenda. Develop a reputation for unravelling complex challenges. Deliver work that can transform organisations – sometimes in areas that are completely uncharted.

Working in challenging projects in close collaboration with the client

Consulting is a domain that demands constant alertness and an ability to respond quickly. As consultants, we set high expectations for ourselves, and are driven by a desire to deliver excellence. We get empowered and encouraged to take initiatives and come up with own ideas.


Working as a consultant can be challenging as we start new projects at a moment’s notice in areas that can be uncharted. At the same time this also enables a steeper learning curve and is highly rewarding. We are working directly with senior clients, delivering high impact projects – often from day one.


The Collaborative Business Experience™ is central to Capgemini philosophy and a pillar of our projects. From strategy development to implementation, we work beside the client every step of the way for a joint sustainable project success including knowledge transfer. In practice this usually means working at client’s site in collaborative teams.




We work with transformational projects in many sectors

Below are some examples of where and how we’ve tackled complex transformational projects.






We regard ourselves as thought leaders in several of our capability units

All Consultants and Senior Consultants belong to one of our capability units and develop their expertise in that capability area. From Managing Consultant upwards it is also possible to belong to a market unit concentrating on expertise in that industry sector.



Developing our own workplace

In addition to working in client projects we also get the opportunity to participate in developing our own business and workplace in various ways. This includes for example planning marketing and employment branding activities, doing account and sector support work and leading trainings. 


Work-life balance

At Capgemini Consulting, we work hard but also pay attention to the right balance between professional and private life. Our approach to maintaining work-life balance also emphasizes team spirit and fun. Consultants help each other deliver projects on tight deadlines, and enjoy what they do!