People & Organization Change

Major changes within companies and organizations often have profound effects on employees, and an effective change management to build commitment and ability is a key component for realizing the desired effects. A proactive culture change work is a key success factor in achieving the organization's business objectives.

Our expertise and experience in the field

Many companies are constantly working on cultural and values​​, i.e the attitudes, values ​​and behaviors that exist within the organization. We see that organizations often give priority to cultural issues in the following situations:

  • When organizations feel that they need to perform radically different in order to achieve their goals - through a change in behavior among all its employees
  • When the customer and staff surveys indicate major challenges/potential for improvement in critical areas
  • When there is a need for change in attitudes and behaviors in order to drive through necessary changes in operations
  • When structural changes in processes and organizational structure has not produced the desired result in changed behavior
  • When the organization in the long run could be affected by negative consequences when behavior and attitudes of managers and employees do not change

Track Record and Value Delivery

Capgemini Consulting has extensive experience from both change management and culture change work and has helped many organizations to:

  • Implement change through change management in several stages with major focus on communication, commitment, skills and ongoing monitoring
  • Provide guidance and support in order to establish the desired change in approach and behavior that a change of operation is aimed at
  • Develop a strong culture that is appropriate for the business and its goals through active work with attitudes
  • Create an understanding and insight into today's corporate culture and the culture required for success with a new/changed mission, goals and strategies, and to design and implement a practical plan including change and competence activities

Active work with corporate culture and basic values ​​often provide a positive impact within the organization

  • Increased commitment and productivity among employees as a result of a positive culture change
  • Higher retention rate
  • A stronger link between individual values ​​and attitudes and the organization's goals and vision
  • A stronger employer brand through an attractive organizational culture