Thought Leadership

Capgemini Consulting is investing in knowledge development and thought leadership within our HR service offerings. We are constantly conducting surveys, trend analyses, reports, and our HR Benchmark Network. We strive to always remain at the forefront of the development of the HR function's role and to anticipate and respond to the changing challenges HR will face in the future.


The HR Benchmark Network

The HR benchmark network was founded in 2007 by request of multiple clients. Twice each year, we invite our participating organizations to network with each other on HR related issues. Capgemini Consulting is responsible for planning and conducting meetings with themes decided by the participating organizations within the network.

The network offers a comprehensive annual benchmark study of HR processes in which key words are nuanced benchmark with detailed definitions as well as consideration of standardization degree and level of service. Capgemini Consulting analyzes data from the participating organizations, and communicate and discuss its findings with the participants. The study anually involves around 20 large Swedish organizations with 3000-30000 employees. The organizations use benchmarking study to:

  • Follow-up costs and productivity, and see how this develops over the years
  • Identify relevant and measurable goals for internal development
  • Prioritize areas for improvement: What are we doing well? What can we improve further?

Within the network, we place the utmost importance on using the same definitions, which makes for good quality of collected data. As part of this, great work has gone into the network to agree on definitions of the processes and the activities that should be included in them.