In a competitive market it is a big advantage to be able to constantly improve flexibility and lead times. Capgemini Consulting offers Planning Services to overview and control the whole value chain efficiently. By implementing Sales and Operations Planning or Inventory Optimization through stock holding policies, significant cost reductions and growth can be achieved.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Capgemini Consulting’s Planning service  covers implementation of new strategies as well as design of new business models based on the latest technology. We have a holistic approach of the value chain, bringing processes, systems and organizational structure together to understand what drives planning complexity.

With our approach for Sales and Operations Planning, significant improvements in planning ability can be achieved by aligning supply and demand. S&OP will also create a common planning awareness and increased competence in the organization.

With our Inventory Optimization and Stock holding policy offerings, we address the inventory levels, rules and policies in the whole value chain to achieve capital reduction, increased flexibility and shorter lead times

Track Record and Value Delivery

Capgemini Consulting has served Swedish, Finish and international clients within a wide variety of businesses:

  • Implementation of S&OP process, new planning organization and 50 million SEK in targeted savings for a global heavy industry client
  • Dramatically decreasing stock levels (up to 20 MUSD) while increasing service levels (97% instant availability) at a global power industry client
  • Increased delivery performance from 40% to 97-100% with maintained inventory levels at a Swedish heavy industry client

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