Talent Management

Capgemini Consulting's framework for integrated talent management includes all processes that affect our customers' ability to attract, develop and retain high performing employees with desired skills.

A long-term strategic plan ensures that the company is equipped to ensure desired skills within the organization and to meet future challenges facing the organization.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

We look upon talent management as a framework for the processes aimed at attracting, developing and retaining high performing employees with the desired skills. For each process, we have a structured approach and proven tools that support our customers in their strategic work. The areas that we see as critical in Talent Management in the coming years, and that are closely integrated with each other and the organization's strategy are:

  • Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) - how we ensure that we have the right people at the right place at the right time
  • Strategic competence - how we ensure availability of the desired level of competence to deliver in accordance with the established business strategy
  • Recruitment and Employer Branding - how we attract and recruit employees
  • Performance Management - how we develop, motivate and evaluate our employees
  • Succession planning - how we ensure sustained expertise when employees leave the organization
  • Compensations & benefits - how we choose to link employees' pay and compensation to performance, competence and ambition in a structured and transparent way, integrated with business strategy and organizational performance

Track Record and Value Delivery

We work both locally and globally with strategic workforce planning and competence models and support our clients in:

  • Segmenting and developing its strategy for attracting the right skills in order to achieve the organization's mission, goals and strategies
  • Creating a strategic workforce plan to ensure that the right skills are recruited/trained/restructured in line with the growth or downsizing along with business strategy
  • Designing and implementing competence models and processes for competence planning

We see the following results among clients who work systematically with Talent Management:

  • Clearer strategy and guidelines for recruitment in the short and long term
  • Ability to respond in a flexible way regarding resource planning in times of recession and economic growth
  • A close link between business strategy and strategy for succession planning
  • A better understanding of the complex ste of skills needed of the various positions within the organization and thus a concrete direction for employees' individual development
  • An informed basis for the implementation of shifts in competence
  • A more attractive Employer Brand as a result of a clearer and more structured approach to career developmentemployees' individual development