Transformation Change Management

The ability to drive transformational change and align the organizational culture with the strategy is a key source of competitive advantage in the fast moving economy of today. Yet despite its importance, change initiatives and transformations often fail due to the complexity of handling the people side of change. Capgemini Consulting has deep experience and a well-proved and comprehensive change management methodology that ensures that the organization is ready and capable of handling the change in a successful way. Our structured approach to change management and culture accelerates the transformation programs and secures return on investment and sustainability of the initiatives.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Major changes require strong guidance. The structured and well proved change management approach of Capgemini Consulting in designing and driving transformations supports and accelerates the change processes and secure sustainable results. By addressing both structure and the people side of change, the transformation can reach full impact faster and in a more sustainable way.

Capgemini Consulting has a global Change Management framework and extensive Change Management expertise covering:

  • Change Vision & People Strategy
  • Leadership Commitment & Engagement
  • Stakeholder mobilization
  • Organization & Process Alignment
  • People Performance
  • Cultural Development
  • Change Sustainability