Transformation Management

Business transformation has been at the core of our company for 40 years. We were the first to develop a holistic framework which quickly became a standard. We have continuously refined its approach, methods and tools ever since. Capgemini Consulting has helped hundreds of clients accelerate their transformation programs and achieve measurable, sustainable results, based on our proven design principles and framework.

Our approach accelerates complex transformation programs and reflects our commitment to excellence, sustainability and speed. Our programs are proven to quickly improve key performance indicators resulting in higher total revenue, reduced costs and optimized capital deployment.

Our proven transformation and change management capabilities are based on insights and benchmarks. Our approach is customized to each unique challenge and opportunity in your transformation program. Our efficient transformation management framework enables organizations to align multiple initiatives to optimize costs, schedule, and effort to deliver maximal value and return on investment. 

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Capgemini Consulting has a proven track record of successful transformation program execution using our comprehensive program management framework:

  • Governance is central to the framework and establishes the overall program standards
  • Detailed Scope and Planning ensures that the program adheres to the planned timeline and delivers as per the agreed scope
  • Financial Management ensures that the program delivers the promised benefits within the budget
  • Quality Management ensures that the program conforms to agreed quality standards through the planning, assurance & control activities
  • Risks & Issues need to be managed proactively to minimize their influence on the program execution
  • Dependencies need to continuously be managed and evaluated in order to avoid bottlenecks and negative business impact
  • Reporting is essential to drive necessary actions by ensuring stakeholders are updated about the program progress
  • Resource Management ensures ease of acquisition, staffing and monitoring of program resources
  • Infrastructure Management deals with the identification and management of tools and assets for the program
  • Change Management helps the organization prepare for the changes associated with the program,  ensure its sustainability and accelerates the change process